What I Got for Christmas

So Christmas 2020 was a bit different to what we are normally used to, but we made the best of it. It was Bailey’s first Christmas with us, so we made a big fuss of him and he got lots of presents (check out the vlog I did over on my YouTube channel). Hubby and I don’t swap presents as we usually put the money we would have spent on our first long weekend away of the New Year, however, this year we did presents for each other from Bailey, but more on that later. And so Christmas was a very small event but I was lucky enough to receive some very nice gifts.

From my parents in law I got a very nice piece from Radley to add to my vast collection, a nice little make-up/ toiletry pouch which will be nice to use when we are able to travel again. They also gave me some very nice smelling bath bombs and soaps which I’m looking forward to using.

From my sister in law and her family I got a few bits from Cath Kidston. These included a nice new apron and a travel organiser. I’m always in the kitchen cooking or baking and so the apron will be nice to wear and the travel wallet will come in handy once we can travel again. They were also kind enough to get Bailey a little present too which was very nice of them, more of that in the vlog I mentioned earlier.

From my brother in law and his family I received a gift card from Boots. Unfortunately it can’t be used online so I’ll have to wait until I can visit my local store but I’m planning on using it to buy some bits from Boots’ Soap and Glory range and I might even get a few bits from one of my favourite brands, Baylis and Harding. They were also kind enough and got Bailey a little present too which was very nice of them.

From my Aunt and Uncle I got a Christmas themed face mask (they also got one for the other half). The masks were purchased in aid of the North Devon Hospice, they are very pretty and were nice to wear when we needed to wear face coverings during the festive period. And from my cousin we received a lovely surprise a few days before Christmas. I’d been receiving a lot of packages in the lead up to Christmas as I’ve been relying on online shopping and so when the doorbell rang unexpectedly we were pleasantly surprised to receive a lovely hamper of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat (I enjoyed some of the contents so much that I’ve actually ordered more). Usually we get to travel down to see my family in between Christmas and New Year, but alas sadly this year we couldn’t, but it was very nice to receive postal gifts.

As usual from my dad I got good old hard cash (well electronic cash). There’ll be more about what I spent it on in my January sales blog and vlog.

From our lovely neighbours we got some gluten free goodies (the biscuits didn’t hang around long), some nice white wine and a lovely scented candle.

Finally, last but certainly not least, from Bailey I got a gorgeous cuddly blanket with his face on it. I’ve just got around to washing it so I’ll now be able to use it to keep me nice and warm in my home office as we continue to work from home.

I was lucky again this year to receive some lovely gifts. Fingers crossed 2021 will be a better year for everyone and the next Christmas will be a more connected family affair. Thanks for reading.

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