What I got for my birthday

My birthday was a few weeks ago and although I was working, I was working from home as the virus restrictions continued, my birthday was actually when the UK was in Lockdown 2.0. I thought I’d share with you what my family kindly gave me this year.

First up from my parents in law I got a gift set from Baylis and Harding, my mother in law knows I love these products and so I can always rely on getting a set. The set was in the new fragrance Boudoire. I was also kindly given some money to put towards my main Black Friday purchase (blog and vlog on that coming soon).

Next up, to add to the Baylis and Harding gifts I was kindly given another set by my brother in law and his family, again in the Boudoire fragrance. Luckily for me the set came with some slippers which as it happened I was in need of due to a little accident with an exploding fizzy pop can on the same day oops).

As always from my dad and his new puppy Bentley I got cash, also to go towards my main Black Friday purchase.

Onwards to my sister in law and her family, I was given probably my most favourite gift this year. A drawing of a photograph I’d taken of Bailey during his first week with us back in the summer. Here is the original photo and the drawing. It looks brilliant framed on the wall in our hallway.

And finally, the gifts I got from Bailey (and the other half). I’ve wanted a bluetooth speaker for the bathroom for a while now and had one on my Amazon list, which i was lucky to receive for my birthday. It’s a good little speaker which I’ve paired up to both my phone and my old iPod which can stay safe in another room while I’m having a bath or shower. They also got me a book about National Trust properties used on screen in television and film. During 2019 part of our main holiday was a Harry Potter and Downton Abbey locations tour and so coupled with the books we have on those, we can plan further road trips to all sorts of different locations (once we are able to travel properly again). Finally, knowing of my love for Downton Abbey and for afternoon tea, they got me the Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook. Although the book doesn’t contain gluten free recipes, having looked through, I can see that the majority of the recipes can easily be adapted. I’m particularly looking forward to trying the scones!

And there we go. Sadly the day was a bit of a none event, normally we do go away for a long weekend around my birthday, but alas it wasn’t to be this year. But I had a good day nonetheless which ended in eating gluten free pizza from Pizza Hut. Yummy.

Here are some of the cards I also received.

Thanks for reading.

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